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Yankee Candle Christmas



The release of the Yankee Candle Christmas range is the time of year when I officially allow myself to get excited about Christmas and the countdown begins. Yankee Christmas candles always coincide with the first wave of Chrismas songs, hats and scarves coming out of hibernation and red noses and flushed cheeks. I can feel that festive tingle simply writing this article!

So, rather excitingly it is that time of year again. The new Christmas range is available online and in-store from October 2017 and once again, they have smashed it! The new fragrances are amazing.



The Christmas Magic candle has to be my favourite. It smells exactly like Christmas and is the most stunning shade of red. It has a delicious spice to it and immediately conjures images of a warm fire on a snowy evening, surrounded by loved ones.

.. Notes ..
Top: Mandarin | Bergamot | Eucalyptus
Middle: Fir Balsam | Pine Needle | Incense | Spruce
Base: Cedarwood | Birch



The Perfect Tree candle is a gorgeous deep green. It is an amazing blend of pine needles and a spicy scent of Christmas. I’ve never had a real Christmas Tree but I imagine this is exactly what it would smell like.

.. Notes ..

Top: Evergreen Garland | Bergamot
Middle: Pine Needles | White Birch | Glowing Amber
Base: Fresh Cut Pine | Incense | Cedar



The Crackling Wood Fire is Ash grey, and it is my favourite colour from the collection. Vanilla and Amber are my favourite scents ever so this candle was always going to win me over. It is the perfect relaxation candle, the warm, calming notes just help me to feel a little more chill after a long day. I am going to use this one sparingly so it lasts forever.

.. Notes ..
Top: Nutmeg | Myrrh | Cinnamon
Middle: Vanilla | Amber
Base: Sandalwood | Cedarwood | Smoky | Incense



Last but not least, the Spiced White Cocoa candle completes the collection in a classic soft white. If you are a fan of sweet smells then this candle is the one for you. The sweet candles are often not my favourite but the hint of spice and nutmeg appeal to me greatly. I am a sucker for anything butterscotch too, delicious.

For some reason this candle reminded me of my Grandpa, the combination of butterscotch and Salted caramel made me think of Werther’s Originals, hot chocolate smothered in cream and baking Christmas biscuits.

.. Notes ..
Top: White Cocoa
Middle: Salted Caramel | Sweet Cream | Nutmeg
Base: Butterscotch


| Capture the MAGIC |

Christmas truly is a magical time, and not because we all get presents. Though, I do rather enjoy that part. But because it is a time to be thankful, for everything we have, and for all the people in our lives.

Life is busy and things get in the way, but at Christmas, we can slow down, relax and spend time with the people we care about. That is why I always like to give people gifts that keep on giving. Gifts they can enjoy over and over again, and gifts people wouldn’t necessarily treat themselves too.

So whether you want to treat yourself and immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit, (hell yeah!) or you want to treat someone else, Yankee candles are perfect.


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