Tight or alright? 14 money saving tips.

Tight or alright? 14 money saving tips
Like most people, I am always looking for ways to save money. It’s been forced upon me taught to me since being a child. My Dad is the true definition of a Yorkshire man and a few of these tips (?) are from him.
What I want to know is, would you do these things / do you do these things? Are they Tight or Alright?!
  1. Washing out sandwich or freezer bags. This is something that drives me mad but I can’t not do anymore. I hate it as they hang about on the draining rack, or open on top of a cup, drying for what can feel like days, making a mess but I do wash out plastic food bags and reuse them. Sometimes more than once.
  2. Adding water to the washing up liquid or hand soap to make it last longer.
  3. Washing out and reusing plastic takeaway cartons or ready meal containers that have lids. Who needs Tupperware?!
  4. Reusing tin foil. I’m not talking foil that you’ve grilled something on but if you put foil on a casserole dish to keep it warm, or on top of a cooked chicken etc. My Dad will gently but thoroughly wash it and fold it up to be used again and again if he can get away with it. Again, it’s something I’ve found myself doing once or twice if it’s only had condensation on it or has covered something dry like a cake. Sometimes though, I don’t. My Dad has been known to take it home with him to reuse there if I’m too lazy…..
  5. Watering your garden with your washing up water. I even think my Dad hooked up his shower to the water butt outside once so that he could use that water on the garden!
  6. Eating leftovers. To me, this is second nature, especially after something like a Sunday roast or casserole but I was surprised when I met my ex-in-laws who would throw away a good adult portion or two of food if it wasn’t eaten during the meal it was intended to be eaten at. Now I have been known to take a large plastic bag of cooked vegetables home after a meal at their house as I just couldn’t
    to see them being thrown away. I then
    course, washed out the sandwich bag to reuse!
  7. Eating food that’s out of date. I eat nearly everything past
    date unless it smells funny or looks funny. Even chicken. If the packaging hasn’t swollen with released gasses and it looks and smells ok, I eat it. I’ve eaten tinned food that’s been a good two years out of date before. I think my Dad’s record is about 16 years out of date. He maybe didn’t finish whatever it was but he had a go!
  8. Swapping cleaning products for cheap and natural recipes such as bicarbonate soda, lemon and white vinegar etc. Google is your friend for recipes and uses.
  9. Only flushing the loo in line with the rhyme – if it’s yellow, let it mellow….you know the rest! We do this at night due to noise and if I need to go at the same time as my son – there’s no point flushing in-between us.
  10. Putting a brick in your toilet cistern so that it only uses had as much water per flush.
  11. Rationing Loo paper. I never got the hang of this and have always been chastised for using all the loo paper up.
  12. Reusing wrapping paper. When I get given a gift in really nice, thick wrapping paper, it makes me really happy. 1, because it looks so nice but 2, because I can open it carefully and reuse it when I give a gift! I know it’s tight but I can’t help myself. It’s too pretty and probably cost too much to be only used once. It’s probably more expensive and better quality than the one I would buy anyway so everyone is a winner. Yes, I also save ribbon and bows and my son either crafts with them or they get stuck on a gift for someone else. It could save you a fortune if you would have bought these things or if you’re tight like me, makes your gift look better than it would have……
  13. Reusing gift bags. I save them all. I just have to remember not to give them back to the person that gave it to me or my son.
  14. Reusing padded envelopes / Jiffy bags. Again,
    to throw them out. I open them carefully, cover the address and stamp and postmarks with white paper and then reuse. It saves me money when I sell my something on eBay. Oh and I see any tissue paper I get with a gift or purchase and then wrap clothes that I sell on eBay in it. I think it makes a second-hand top or something, a little
    more special and then I’ll hopefully get excellent feedback.
So what do you think? Which tips are tight or alright?
Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If you would like to see what happens in my life as a Single Mum with physical health problems, a 4-year-old energy ball of a son, a labrador and a too much mud in the countryside, I blog at hannahspannah.co.uk.
Tight or alright? 14 money saving tips.

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