The Sweet Club Review And 30% Off Code

The Sweet Club Review And 30% Off Code

I’m still a big kid and I love treating myself to a bag of pick and mix at the end of each week. Recently I discovered The Sweet Club. They offer a huge selection of old and new sweeties and even American candy. I was very impressed with how quick the delivery was and it was so nice to get something exciting in the post instead of the usual depressing bills. When you head over to their easy to use website, you can choose 8 favorite sweets and delivery is FREE!!

The sweet club have kindly given us a 30% Off code:MAMA30 making their mouth-watering sweet boxes just £6.95 + FREE Delivery! The amount of sweets you get is really good for this price compared to the amount you pay when they weigh up your sweets in a pick and mix shop.

What We Got 

The Sweet Club Review And 30% Off Code

3 Packs of double dip

American Butterfinger Bar

Pack of Nerds

Rhubarb & Custard sweets

Sugared Strawberries

Sour Blue Raspberry Bon Bons


When I first saw the pack of nibbles I had no idea what they were and thought they looked a bit odd but once I tried them I was in heaven! They taste amazing. After look on the website I discovered they are a mix of Biscuit, Toffee, Caramel, Nuts and of course Milk Chocolate! They have got to be my favorite out of the whole box and they didn’t last long. I will most definitely be ordering these again!

I’m also a huge fan of crafts and loved the red sparkly paper that came with the box. Being very frugal I hate wasting things and always try to re-use anything I can.

We give The Sweet Club …..

The Sweet Club Review And 30% Off Code

I alway like to give an honest opinion when reviewing brands and I feel they could have made the actual box a bit more exciting and colourful. But apart from that I can’t fault them. The sweets are very yummy and the delivery is free and fast!

Don’t forget to head over to The Sweet Box Website and use the code: MAMA30 to get 30% off your sweetie box!

Let us know what your favorite sweets are in the comments..

The Sweet Club Review And 30% Off Code

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