The Definitive Guide To Cashback Apps

The Definitive Guide To Cashback Apps

I started couponing back in September 2013 and since then have noticed a huge rise in the amount of people who use cashback apps. There are quite a few of these handy apps that you can easily download onto your smartphone, but some can be quite difficult to get your head around.

Cashback apps are extremely rewarding! This year they have helped me get Christmas for FREE! So many of you have asked me how to use these apps so thought it was about time I shared my tips and tricks with you all….

What Exactly Are Cashback Apps?

The Definitive Guide To Cashback Apps


 The Definitive guide to cashback apps

A quick summery of a cashback app would be: They give you back the money you spend on items they have listed on their apps.Make sure you Check the apps each week for new offers, and also sign up with your e-mail address to ensure get the exclusive cashback offers! plan your shop by finding out where you can buy the items the cheapest.Once you get home all you need to do is upload a piccy of your receipt and Hey presto!

Cashback isn’t just for groceries, you can start saving on everything from travel to utilities. I find TopCashback is the highest paying of them all and also has the widest variety of cashback available.

The Definitive Guide To Cashback Apps


You don’t need to worry about taking your phone with you but these days most supermarkets do have wifi. When you return home simply upload pictures of  your receipt. I use my cashback accounts as Christmas savings accounts, this year I have managed to accumulate over £150!

The Best Cashback Apps And Where To Find Them……

These are the most popular cashback apps I use all of them, but some more than others. Each one offers a varied selection of deals, along with exclusive offers you can get emailed to you by signing up.


FREE payouts through PayPal or BACS.


  • electricals
  • entertainment&leisure
  • insurance&financial
  • telecoms
  • utilities
  • travel
  • more shopping
  • free cashback

Tell a friend and get £5 free cashback when they earn £10


  • Minimum withdrawal amount of £5.00
  • Withdraw into either paypal
  • (3.4% fee plus 20p per transaction)
  • or
  • BACS(Free)
  • Snap Receipt and Scan Bar code of item.


  • Payments up to £19.99 incur a fee of 5% but payments of £20.00 or more incur no fee.
  • Payed via PayPal or BACS.

Click snap (Quidco)

  • Click Snap is a sister company to Quidico but they tend to have the exact same deals as checkout smart (these can NOT be used together).
  • Grocery Cashback.
  • Payed via PayPal or BACS.


  • Cashback on a wider variety of products including high street purchases and dining out.
  • Search for offers available to your local area.
  • Paid via PayPal BACS.

Please read the individual terms and conditions of each app as payment days and other requirements apply.

The Key To Cashback Success Is Snapping Your Receipt Correctly……

The Definitive Guide To Cashback Apps


  • Make sure your receipt is lined up correctly.
  • The lighting must be good (I use my window sill for the natural light).
  •  If you have a long receipt you will need to do it in sections, this is called stitching.

Combine Cashback And Coupons For Huge savings!!!

By combining these two amazing money saving tools you can maximize your savings and quite often gain a profit! Very regularly you will see FREE items pop up in your apps, there is no catch to this whatsoever it’s just a way for that particular brand to promote their product. Here are just a few of the freebies Checkoutsmart have previously promoted…

The Definitive Guide To Cashback Apps


Here are my top 5 Cashback tips…

  • Compare the items on MySupermarket to ensure you get the best from your cashback.
  • Make sure the store is listed on the item you are buying.
  • Have a separate folder on your phone for all your cashback apps I have a folder I call ‘daily checks’.
  • Keep an eye on their facebook pages and newsletters for exclusive codes. Shopitize tend to post theirs on a Wednesday.

Share your cashback success stories and picture with others on our Facebook page

Check out my ultimate coupon list for even more ways to save money on your grocery shops!

The Definitive Guide To Cashback Apps


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