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Secret Santa 2017


Tea is without a doubt the perfect gift, which is why it is particularly well suited for Secret Santa. Universally loved, universally appreciated and essentially a hug in a teacup. Teapigs are always our number one choice. Not only is the packaging adorable and a little extra special, but the price is right and the quality of the product exceptional. Teapigs use whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs, whole berries, whole spices and whole flowers. It is all about the flavour!

You really are spoiled for choice too but we recommend browsing their gift set selection. The Classic Teas (pictured) and feel-good teas are sure to be a hit!


✦ Novella Nostalgia – Tony Drury ✦

If you are buying for a book lover then the Novella Nostalgia Series by Tony Drury is our top recommendation. This series brings together the uniqueness of the novella and various memorable movies from the history of cinema.

There are three books in the series, each paying tribute to a classic. The first ‘Lunch with Harry’ pays tribute to ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. The second, ‘Twelve Troubled Jurors,’ which echoes ’12 Angry Men’. Finally, ‘Forever on Thursdays’ which hints at the unforgettable ‘Brief Encounter.’

This is a thoughtful gift option and a one which can be enjoyed time and time again.


✦ SLEEK makeup ✦

Amongst my group of girlfriends, we often do Secret Santa. When there is so many of us it is often the more cost-effective, and in truth, a more fun way of doing things. We get together a couple of weeks before Christmas, eat dinner and share our presents. Makeup is always a safe, (and appreciated) choice. This year, I have been particularly enjoying the Sleek gift sets. I was able to get my Secret Santa gift but also pick up a couple of stocking fillers to boot.

We are huge Sleek fans here at Girlie Gossip, their highlighter palettes are holy grail items for me, so I know these gifts will be well received.



These Lip Balms are such a fun idea for Secret Santa. The Reese’s Peanut Butter and Christmas Dinner ones were my personal favourite. Despite what you might think, the Christmas Dinner one is actually delicious!

Not participating in any Secret Santa’s this year, then these would be equally fantastic as Stocking fillers.


✦ ENCONA Dipping Set ✦

This Dipping Sauce Set by Encona would be a wonderfully unique gift to give for Secret Santa. Perfect for food lovers, cooks and people who like a bit of a spice. The set comes with two different dipping sauces. The first a hot pepper sauce, not for the faint-hearted, and the second a medium Thai sweet chilli sauce. There are also two dipping dishes, each shaped like a pepper which we thought was a really nice touch.

There are lots of options within the Encona range too. We were gifted the sauce collection for Christmas last year and the Chilli & Garlic sauce and Jerk BBQ sauce went down a storm in our house!


Merry Christmas


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