Personalised Books Like You Have Never Seen Before!

Personalised Books Like You Have Never Seen Before

Personalised Books Like You Have Never Seen Before…

Foster mum Lisa Wilson came up with the fantastic idea of Create Me Books in 2015 while recovering from an operation. Since then, the amazing personalised books have become more and more popular. Lisa has two children with dual heritage and discovered there was a lack of books that embraced cultural diversity.


When you head over to the Create Me Books website, not only can you enter your child’s name so the story is all about them, but you can even choose the colour of their skin and other features to make the book that extra bit special for the individual child. You can also choose hair styles and even headscarves.


Lisa from Create Me Books…

kindly sent us over a book for Connor. The delivery was super quick and it was so nice to see his little face light up when he realised the book was all about him! Connor is nearly five and he is just learning to read. He can already recognise his name and a few other words. When he saw his name on the front of the book he was so excited. He now tells everyone that will listen that there is a book all about him!

I was even able to add a little message in the book for him to give it a special personal touch.


We have had personalised books in the past but never have they had the amount of options as the Create Me Books do. We give these books a 10/10 and will definitely be buying a few for my Nieces and Nephews this Christmas!

You can create your own personalised book HERE. 

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