Minor Ailments service-FREE Medicine For Kids

Minor Ailments service

Minor Ailments service-FREE Medicine For Kids

If you don’t pay for prescriptions you may be able to receive advice and be given a medicine for a range of minor ailments, free of charge, on the NHS, without having to visit your doctor first. Minor ailments could include coughs, colds, headaches, hay fever, insect bites and stings, eczema, earache and diarrhoea.

Not many people know that you can get FREE medicine for your kids. It’s called the NHS Minor Ailments service. This saves you from the hassle of booking a doctor’s appointment and getting a prescription. This amazing service will also save you from all the high costs. Here is just some of the examples that are covered by the minor ailments service:

Minor Ailments service

The NHS Minor Ailments service is available at pharmacies in Scotland, Northern Ireland and selected stores in England and Wales so check locally with your Boots pharmacist for availability. Pharmacists are also there to give you advice on minor issues to save you from visiting a doctor.

You can also get a free goody bag containing lots of free samples, coupons and goodies from Tesco pharmacy, just ask for a free goody bag! 

Minor Ailments service

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  • Paula rahman says:

    How do u get calpol and nit lotion for kids free please can u help its a good idea if u don’t have to pay for it as its expensive to buy for the kids when they r ill many thanks

    • katie says:

      i usually go into chemist and ask if there is some i can get on prescription, sometimes the child has to be with you and they just take details and will then issue you with what you need.

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