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Let's Be Bad Mums

Life is short…

and worrying about being the “perfect mum” is not going to make you happy!After watching the popular movie “Bad Moms” (if you haven’t seen this yet then why the hell not?) it really got me thinking about how so many of us work our asses off every day to be the stereotype perfect mum we think we have to be. Our kids won’t remember the 2 hours we spent ironing all their clothes or that we cooked every meal from scratch after working an 8 hour day!

Learn to relax a bit more…

Give them a ready meal every now and then, it won’t hurt them. Or depending on their age let them look their own food!

Have an extra glass of wine or another slice of pizza! Don’t bother ironing every item of clothing. I’ll be totally honest with you I NEVER iron anything! My kids wear polo shirts to school and the tumble dryer gets all the creases out anyway! My poor ironing board is sat at the back of the cupboard collecting cobwebs.

Fancy a lie in at the weekends?

Give the kids a DVD or their tablets and go back to bed for an hour! You work your bloody ass off all week you deserve a rest!
These small acts of selfishness do not make you a bad parent! If anything they make you a better one. You start to feel more relaxed, refreshed and less worried about the minor things that can wait!

If I’m honest…

I used to get to the end of the day and just wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep. The last thing I wanted to do was read the hungry caterpillar for the 34th time. Now that I’ve given up on the pointless shit I have to do each day, I don’t feel like I’m pressured to make everything perfect. I now enjoy reading the hungry caterpillar even if it is for the 34th time because I’m not so bloody exhausted.

My house is no showroom, it’s lived in, I have the same pile of washing in the washing machine as 3 days ago and I’m pretty sure it needs another wash before it goes in the dryer. But whereas before this would have really bothered me and made me feel like a shitty mum, I really don’t care anymore. My kids aren’t going to suffer because I haven’t got round to sorting it yet.

Also, don’t let social media get you down…

None of us has got our shit together. Some of us just like to pretend we have! I see it all the time. Statuses like “guess who’s child is top of the class” or ” my house is spotless, just cooked a 3-course meal and I shit out gold dust” it’s bollocks.

Anyway, what I mean to say is stop trying to be perfect. Your kids love no matter how clean the house is or whatever. Have a laugh with them. Turn the music up and dance around in your pjs. These are the moments they will remember ❤️

Bye for now mamas ❤️

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