Kids Party Ideas On A Budget

Kids Party Ideas

Kids Party Ideas On A Budget ….

We all want to give our kids a birthday to remember, but these days you can end up forking out a small fortune for just one day! I recently took my daughter to her friend’s birthday party where they had everything from a bouncy castle, face painters, a disco, a clown ect.. They must have spent at least a few hundred, and with over 30 kids to feed I’m guessing their food bill wasn’t cheap!

As I was watching the kids run around having so much fun, It actually made me feel quite guilty that we can’t afford to splash out that kind of cash for my own kids. With my son’s 3rd birthday coming up I decided to do some research on how we could make his day amazing without breaking the bank and here are a few things I found…


Splitting The Costs

A couple of my friends have their kids birthdays in the same week, so they team up and split everything 50/50. This is a great idea and could save you 50% of the costs!


The Venue

 If you have a big enough house or know someone who would let you use theirs then this would be your best option as it would be free! If the weather is nice around your child’s birthday then use your garden or a local playground for a picnic party, this will save on the costs of hiring somewhere.

Barter, I spoke about the art of barter in one of my last posts. It’s basically swapping goods or services instead of using cash. You could do this when you go looking for a venue. For example you could offer to clean your church hall for a couple of days in exchange for using it for your party, or do a shift behind the bar of a pub in exchange for using their function room. It’s always worth asking to save some pennies!


Free Invites:

I honestly don’t know why people buy these anymore when there are so many sites that offer free printing. and even some where you can design your own. So the Disney Frozen invites that shops sell for up to £5 you could actually get for free!! You can print them HERE.

Kids Party Ideas

The Decorations:

Personally I would say the most cost-effective party decorations are the ones you make yourself. You could print out your kids favorite characters and make banners and bunting ect.. If you don’t have the time to make your own you can get some amazing bargain decorations HERE.

Kids Party Ideas

Fun Party Food:

Here’s where you can get really creative for less. I love cooking and baking and after a quick search online I found these awesome party food ideas..

LEGO Jelly:

Kids Party Ideas

This is so easy to make, all you need to do is get a few pieces of your kids LEGO, give it a clean, turn it upside down pour in the jelly, leave to set in the fridge a voila you have LEGO jelly!

Fruit Rainbow:

Kids Party Ideas

Make fruit more fun by turning it into a colourful rainbow!

Fun Sarnies:

Kids Party Ideas

Use cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes out of sandwiches.

The Cake:

Kids Party Ideas

It’s always cheaper to make your own cakes and it’s not as hard as you might think. My son was born exactly a year after his cousin so I always make them a joint cake. This is the one I made last year and it only cost me around £6 to make! Everything I know about making cakes I have taught myself from watching YouTube tutorials to reading cake makers blogs. Here is the tutorial to make the Gruffalo.

Kids Party Ideas

Party Games:

Scavenger Hunt:


This is such a fun idea and won’t cost you much at all. Start by making some maps and place clues around the house or garden or wherever you choose to have your party. You could place sweets or little treats along the way and have a small prize for the first person to finish. You can pick up small prizes from your local 99p shop.

Sellotape Ball:


A bit like pass the parcel, sit all the children in a circle, when the music stops the child the ball lands on rolls a dice, the number they get is the amount of seconds they have to unravel the tape. All the sweets they get within that time they get to keep!

Tip: Once you have finished wrapping up the ball ready for the game, fold over the end so it’s easy to find when the game starts.

Activity Stations:


Another great idea is to set up different activity stations so kids can choose what they want to do. For example a cupcake decorating table or an arts and crafts table. These are fantastic ways for kids to express their creativeness and You don’t need to spend a fortune.

If you are making a birthday cake anyway the just bake a little extra cake mix for a batch of plain cupcakes. If not then most supermarkets sell packs of cupcakes for just £1! You can grab some amazing cake decorating bargains HERE.


The Entertainment:

People pay out stupid money for clowns, face painters, discos ect and to me this is a huge waste of money. Here are a few you can do yourself..


You can pick up face painting kits HERE for only £2.99 with free delivery! Then all you need to do is blag a friend to sit and paint the kids faces!


You don’t need to pay out for some stranger dressed up to come to your kids party when you can get costumes so cheap HEREor even just hire one out for the day. This is so much cheaper than paying someone else’s fees!


We had a quote from a disco company of £100! For just for 2 hours I thought this was pointless when all you really need is a c.d player and some flashing lights. You can buy some bargain lights HERE and reuse them every year saving you hundreds!


Party Bags:

This can be an expensive part, especially if you have a lot of kids coming. Here are a few ideas to cut the cost:


Thank You For Coming To My PartyLove

On my daughters last birthday we took advantage of FREE PHOTO PRINTS and created our own thank you cards to go in the party bags.

Pick & Mix Table:


You can pick up big bags of smart price sweets in Asda for only 29p, so a pick & mix table is a great idea for party bags. All you need are some cheap party bags (HERE) and some sweets. Just fill bowls with different sweets and let the kids choose what they want to fill their bags with. You can also get some cheap toys to put in the bags HERE.



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