Kawaii Box Review

Kawaii Box Review

Kawaii means cute in English and these Kawaii Boxes are mega cute! I came across them and instantly thought of my daughter. She loves anything like this and as she is learning about different countries at school I thought it would a fab for her to get a box of goodies all the way from Japan!

What We Got In Our Kawaii Box

Kawaii Box Review Kawaii Box Review

2016 Calendar

2x Keyrings

Highlighter pens

Christmas Card




Peas In A Pod

All the bits that came in the box were super cute. The sweets were kind of like the Mikado ones you can buy in Asda but they had more of a strawberry taste. The kids loved them and they were a perfect after school treat. The stickers were great and Connor enjoyed sticking them all over his toy box to brighten it up.

Chloe absolutely loved the peas in a pod and gave 2 away to her best friends so they all have one each. She also uses the pens and bag for school. The calendar even has Japanese writing inside and Chloe has been using her I pad to look up what all the words mean in English.

I highly recommend trying out one of these sweet little boxes.

Kawaii boxes have kindly given us one of their boxes to give away in a competition you can enter HERE

Kawaii Box Review

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