Infinity Crate Haul: The Ultimate Geek Box

Infinity Crate Haul: The Ultimate Geek Box

I am absolutely in love with my Infinity Crate! When the postman showed up with this amazing box, I was like a little kid at Christmas. When you join Infinity Box, what you get each month is a mystery. But unlike most mystery boxes you can let them know what your favorite geeky interests are. My favorites are Supernatural, Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and American Horror Story amongst others but Supernatural has got to be my favorite! When my box showed up I straight away ripped it open to see what was inside and I wasn’t disappointed!

What We Got In Our Box

Infinity Crate Haul: The Ultimate Geek Box

1x Batman/Superman T-Shirt

1x Star Wars T-Shirt

1x Dean Winchester POP

1x Hulk POP Keyring

1x Iron Man USB Stick (2.0GB)

1x Notebook

1x Harry Potter Poster

2x Stickers

Infinity Crate Haul: The Ultimate Geek Box

My absolute favorite was the Dean Winchester POP. I’ve had a massive crush on him for years and I’m a HUGE Supernatural fan! I also loved the T.Shirts and they were really top quality material. My geekiness has definitely rubbed off on my 9-year-old Daughter, as soon as she saw the Harry Potter poster she grabbed it, ran upstairs and stuck it on her bedroom wall!

The stickers have really brightened up the back of my laptop and I hope to add to them with my next Infinity Boxes! If you have a geeky partner I highly recommend these amazing boxes for Valentine’s Day! It’s so nice to get something in the post each month that isn’t a depressing bill. These boxes really are a bargain at only £16.99 for a classic crate or £23.99 for the premium one. For everything you get in these fantastic boxes the price is really quite low. The POP Vinyls are at least £10 on their own!

I always pride myself on giving an honest opinion when reviewing products and there is one huge downside to Infinity Crates. The problem is they only come once a month 😉

Seriously though if you have a geeky side like me then grab one of these boxes !!

We give the Infinity Crate a …

Infinity Crate Haul: The Ultimate Geek Box

Let us know in the comments what your geeky interests are!

May the force be with you!

Infinity Crate Haul: The Ultimate Geek Box

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