Gifts for those who already have everything!

People who have everything

Everyone has that certain someone in their life. Be it a parent, a partner or a special friend, who have already bought or acquired everything they feel they possibly want, Making it incredibly hard to show your love, appreciation or respect when it comes to choosing a birthday gift.

In these situations, the secret is to think out of the box. Look for non-traditional gifts that have a value that goes far beyond material costs. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Remember the good old times…

Everyone loves to reminisce about days gone by. So, why not create a way of bringing some of their favourite memories together? Dig through your photo collections and see if you can find some old snaps. Especially any that feature the two of you having fun.

Thanks to digital technology, even the oldest pictures can be copied and cleaned up. You can then reprint the pictures and collect them into a photo album. Perhaps including newspaper or magazine cuttings from events that took place around the same time to put the events in their proper context. You could also write out your memories of the event yourself for an added personal touch.

The gift of giving…

If the person you are buying for truly does not want for anything. Consider getting them a gift that benefits someone else. There are, for example, many schemes that enable you to adopt an animal that is being cared for in a zoo. Or even a wild animal, protecting its habitat from destruction and helping to crack down on illegal hunting. You will usually receive a certificate of adoption, along with a photograph, followed by regular updates on the animal’s life.

Similar schemes exist that allow you to help pay for the education of a child in an underdeveloped country. Or contribute towards the cost of irrigation of sewerage systems in places where the lack of such facilities is a leading cause of death and disease.

You could also purchase the naming rights to a celestial body. Through a site such as Star Registration but, rather than name it after them directly, name it after someone they care about as a mark of love or respect.

The gift of new experiences…

If someone has acquired all the material goods they might possibly want, they will still have room in their life for new experiences. With studies showing that people increasingly derive more pleasure from their experiences than from their stuff. This is a great way to ensure the gift you give goes down well.

To be sure of success, it’s important that the experience is one the recipient actually wants to partake in. While doing a bungee jump or spending a day in a spa might be heaven for some people, others would rather run a mile. A good starting point for choosing a good experience is to look at the person’s favourite hobbies or pastimes and give them an opportunity to improve their skills.


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