Free Treasure Hunting From Geocaching

Free Treasure Hunting From Geocaching

Free Treasure Hunting From Geocaching

I’m a mum of two and keeping the kids busy in the summer holiday’s can be a difficult task, especially without spending a small fortune. This summer holiday’s I was introduced to the wonderful world of Geocaching  and couldn’t believe we could have so much quality time as a family for free. I remember loving treasure hunts when I was a child and now I can enjoy the same activity with my children. Both me, my partner and the kids just loved it!

What Is Geocaching?

Free Treasure Hunting From Geocaching


If you haven’t checked out free treasure hunting from Geocaching then add it to your bucket list! Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt using GPS enabled devices to find Geocaches (treasure) hidden in specific locations. This is an activity that can be done anywhere, anytime and has over 2 million Geocaches that can be found across the world.

The handy part about Geocaching is all the fuss of planning a treasure hunt is done for you with the help of a handy Geocaching phone app. I found this  encouraged us to work together as a family to find the hidden caches.

Treasure hunting is an activity that is fun for all ages, including the big kids too. We enjoyed this a lot more as a family than going to an expensive theme park, I always pack a big picnic full of delicious but healthy snacks, avoiding the temptations of expensive junk food that most family days out offer.

The Geocaching Know How!


  • To start Geocaching you need to sign up for the FREE Basic Membership on their web page or with the mobile app which is available on IOS, Android or Windows.
  • Go to the ‘Hide & Seek a Cache’ page, enter your postal code  to find all the caches local to your area.
  • Enter the coordinates of the Geocache into your GPS device, you will then have a choice of map or compass which will guide you to your treasure.
  • Hints and clues will be given to help you if you get stuck, you will also be able to view other members logs to check if the treasure has recently been found.
  • When you finally reach your goal, make sure you sign the log book to say this particular cache has been found. Take the time to enjoy looking through the contents and the log book as many of these time capsules are as much as 50 years old.
  • You can choose to swap an item or just leave your own piece of treasure inside for somebody else to find in the future.
  • Be sure to return the Cache back to the location for future treasure hunters to find.
  • Share your Geocaching finds and stories with others online.


Types Of Geocaches…..


There are many different types of Geocaches, all shapes and sizes that are waiting to be found! Everything from the traditional caches which may be a tin, jar or box to the  virtual cache which is a location rather than a container.

Research the location before taking your children along as some caches are hard to get to due to hard terrain. 


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