Four Ways To Get Branded Clothing For Less in 2018

Four Ways

If you love the look of clothing from a particular brand or the style of a certain sector of the high-end designer clothes market, then you may often find yourself coveting pieces you just can’t afford. Of course, there are often copies of designer styles available from mainstream brands. But you just don’t get the same feeling stepping out in a party dress from Target as you do in one by a label you love. Or hitting the gym in your cheap sneakers rather than the latest Nikes.

Luckily though, if you are a savvy shopper, you can get some massive discounts on branded clothing, shoes and accessories. Whether you want to completely overhaul your wardrobe in 2018 and give it a more high-end feel or you just want to pick up a few statement pieces you can mix in with your other clothes to give your outfits a luxury upgrade. Here are four tips to help you get the brands you love for less:

| Outlet Shops |

Clothes and accessories can end up as outlet stock for a number of reasons. It can be that the clothes are slightly defective. These defects are usually things you can’t even notice yourself. Such as a slightly uneven stitch somewhere on the garment or a missing button you can easily replace yourself. Big name brands have very strict quality control processes and these items never make it on to their shelves. Buying these clothes means you pay a fraction of the price for the same designs in the same fabrics. And nine times out of ten, because of a detail so minor you’ll never even be able to find what it is for yourself!

In other cases, perfect items can end up as outlet clothing because they weren’t sold during their season. Designer brands can’t sell old season stock in their regular stores as they have to make way for new collections, so these items become outlet pieces.

Some brands have their own factory outlet shops, and many also supply outlet focused retailers like TJ Maxx.

| Online Outlets |

Outlet shopping is not an especially new concept, but what a lot of people don’t know is that it is actually something you can do online if you don’t happen to have any outlet stores near you that carry your favourite labels.

There are some sites dedicated to sourcing outlet clothing, and you can also find shops on eBay and sellers on Amazon who do this. Additionally, many brands and retailers have outlet sections on their own websites where you can pick up bargains. This can make it easier to find high-end clothing for women for less, no matter where you live.

| Buy in End of Season Sales |

Knowing when your favourite brands start their end of season sales can be a good way to get the piece you’ve had your eye on at a lower price. Usually, sales start long before the weather changes for the new season. So you’ll still get plenty of wear out of that trendy summer dress. This approach is even better when applied to more classic things you’d use for more than one season anyway, like sunglasses or boots.

| Buy Second-Hand |

Second hand can be a great way to pay very little for designer clothing. You can do this by checking out local second-hand clothing shops and sales as well on sites like eBay. Not only is this far, far cheaper than buying new high-end goods, but it is also better for the environment, as an added bonus.

As with most of these ideas, it is best to stick to things that don’t follow seasonal trends too closely. So the fact they are not from the current season won’t matter. Coats, evening dresses, classic bags, belts, and other accessories can be good choices. Evening wear is especially good. As generally speaking, these pieces, while second-hand, will not have been worn more than a few times. So they will show little to no signs of use. Only you will need to know you weren’t the first person to own them!

As you can see, there are quite a lot of different ways to get hold of branded clothing, shoes and accessories without paying the full price in the brand’s store or on their website, and in many cases, all it takes is a bit of knowledge and some extra time seeking out the best deals!

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