Don’t Be A Make-Up Waster-By The Frugal Teen

Don’t Be A Make-Up Waster 

Makeup is an expensive “essential” nowadays which nearly always burns a hole in our pocket. I’m sure a lot of us can also put our hands up to unnecessarily chucking old things away because isn’t it funner to go out shopping and get some new ones?

Well if you want to be frugal and save up for either university or some big life events (wedding, child, I don’t know, you name it) then anywhere you can save is worthwhile no?

Here I’m going to give you some tips on how to restore or repurpose old make up.

Tip No 1:

When your nail varnish dries up, add a small quantity of nail varnish remover to the bottle and it’ll be back to normal!
Don't Be A Make-Up Waster
Source: The Daily Varnish

Tip No 2:

If your foundation is prone to becoming slightly rancid, putting it in the fridge can make it last a lot longer.
In fact, any oil products including lipsticks can be put in the fridge to last longer. This is to avoid it becoming affected by the variations of different temperatures throughout the year.

Don't Be A Make-Up Waster

Tip No 3:

Once your mascara starts getting clumpy it becomes very hard to use. How to solve the problem? Put the mascara in a mug of hot water to eliminate and liquefy clumps.

Don't Be A Make-Up Waster

This method can also work to loosen lids of nail varnishes.

Don't Be A Make-Up Waster

Tip No 4:

To make the most of your creams or toothpaste tubes etc. don’t hesitate to cut them open to get that last bit left; you might’ve missed an extra helping or two!

Don't Be A Make-Up Waster


Tip No 5:

Using alcohol is the best way to fix your broken powder or eyeshadow. Simply apply a little drop or two (of course depending on the size of the container) and then smooth it out with your finger.

Don't Be A Make-Up Waster

Tip No 6:

Even better, prevent them from breaking initially by putting some cotton bud on top of the powders when you put them in your bag.

Don't Be A Make-Up Waster

Tip No 7:

Although it’s a force of habit, pumping mascara wands can cause it to dry up quicker as it allows air to get inside the tube causing it to dry up faster. To get the clumps out, simply try spinning the wand.

Don't Be A Make-Up Waster

Tip No 8:

Baptiste dry shampoo as well as other brands are creeping up in price. Baby powder works just as well, but between you and me, apply it the evening and not in the morning (unless of course you’re going more for the old lady, white hair look).
Try it out and see which you think works best.

Don't Be A Make-Up Waster

Tip No 9:

Going to the drug store and buying makeup is very easy but if you’re keen on saving money it might be worth looking into how to make it yourself.
For items like mascara or lip balm you might end up having to buy certain ingredients online but for easier items like face masks you could make them cheaply and out of ordinary ingredients you find in your cupboard or at the supermarket.
There are tones out there, just have a look around. I’d recommend Pinterest as you can find a mixture of blogs, websites and photos all placed in one place!

Don't Be A Make-Up Waster
Tip No 10:

Vaseline is such a useful product to have. You can use it in so many ways, but from a cosmetic point of view, one of its coolest uses is that it can be a substitute for mascara. By carefully applying it to your eyelashes, it can make them appear longer, glossier and helps define them. If this wasn’t appealing enough, you can go swimming or cry at your favourite rom-coms without having panda eyes after all it’s water proof!

Don't Be A Make-Up Waster

I hope this will help you save some money on your makeup. Remember to always think about whether it’s possible to fix them, re-use them, or up cycle them before you throw them away!

The Frugal Teen

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