Clearance xl Haul

When I first came across this amazing website I actually had to look twice at the prices I honestly couldn’t believe how cheap it all was and it was big branded stuff like Heinz and Old El Paso. I was so excited when they agreed to let me review them! I went straight onto their easy to use website and spent no time at all choosing what bargains to put in my basket.

ClearanceXL Haul

Image for My ClearanceXL Haul  in saving money money off vouchers

Using The Website 

I only spent £30 and there is so much variety to choose from I even got some Katy Perry perfume! When I went to my basket to checkout I was shocked at the sheer amount that was in there, nothing like when you shop online with big branded supermarkets. The checkout process was very easy to use and I had no trouble using my coupon code. Leading up to my delivery I had e-mails everyday telling me where my parcel was in terms of being dispatched ect.. this really put my mind at rest knowing it was safe and on its way.

Image for My ClearanceXL Haul  in saving money money off vouchers

So Much Shopping !!!

It took a little longer than a standard supermarket delivery but I was saving so much money it was worth the wait! I was a bit confused when the delivery turned up I was expecting loads of boxes, I live on the first floor so was a bit worried how I would get it up the stairs on my own, but it was only one easy to carry box I even thought maybe they had forgotten some of the items but when I opened up the box it was all in there packed perfectly and neatly.

My ClearanceXL Haul

What I got in my box…

With Halloween coming up I decided to stock up on sweeties for the trick or treaters, we are also having a little party for the kids so we got some crisps,drinks, raisins and even a Disney Cars cupcake kit! They are also selling clean and clear face wash for only 29p so needless to say I got quite a few for my stockpile.

Here are just a few of the fab savings I got…..

  • Disney Cars Cupcake Kit 59p
  • Wonka Chocolate Nice Cream Bars x10 for £1
  • Cool Crush Apple & Blackcurrant x24 for £2.40 ( these are also great for lunchboxes)
  • Vimto Freezy Pyramids 39p
  • Sunmaid 8 x Mini Snack Raisins 33p
  • 12 X Coffee Compliment only 1p !
  • 22 x Old El Paso seasoning only 1p!

These are just a few of the amazing savings I got obviously there’s a lot more but I don’t want to bore you with my full shopping list. We have more than enough for our party now and the savings were incredible!

But It’s Out Of Date??? 

I hear this from people all the time when I post deals like this, but the truth is you can eat food well past its Best Before Date and no harm will come to you. It’s only really meat,fresh foods and dairy you need to be careful of. I happened to have some Seabrook crisps I brought from Asda and also the Seabrook crisps from clearance XL.

Just to test this I put each pack into a separate bowl and told my unknowing partner to tell me which ones they were, but just as I thought he didn’t have a clue he said they tasted exactly the same!

To find out more about sell by dates you can visit the foods standards agency to put your mind at rest. There is so much food being wasted in the UK it’s unreal and the stupid thing is that while there are people starving, supermarkets are being told to throw this perfectly good food away! If you love food but hate waste I strongly suggest more people start using Clearance XL, not only to get your shopping sooooo much cheaper but to also end the stigma against the Best before date!

What We Did With All The Sweets

My ClearanceXL Haul

I had some piping bags left over from when I used to do a lot of baking and came up with the idea of filling them with my bargain sweets for trick or treaters. I also had some glow sticks I managed to get for just 10p using my bargain hunting skills and little tags left over from last Christmas. Each bag cost me around 25p and much more effective than just buying high-priced sweets from high-priced shops!

I would most definitely use clearanceXL again and again and I urge other families who want to save money to do the same. Also with Christmas just around the corner there are some fab bits for party food and even stocking fillers!


Compare these prices with your local supermarket’s and see how much you could save!

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  • Jane says:

    I’ve used Approved food which is a bit like this, so you might like to try that one out too. I’ve bought stuff thats close to its expiry date for making things for my wedding next month.


  • I love clearance exl I am disabled so it helps me afford some treats that I would not normally have and I can buy b day presents for my grankids, every little helps

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