Chloe’s 9th Birthday & Party Bags & Supplies Review!

Chloe’s 9th Birthday & Party Bags & Supplies Review

Chloe's 9th Birthday & Party Bags & Supplies Review

Kids grow up so fast and I can’t believe my baby girl turned 9 this week! Having my daughter’s birthday on New Year’s Eve, so close to Christmas has been very expensive in the past. As parents we all want to make sure our kids don’t go without and we also want them to have happy memories of their birthdays. But we also want to save money. So here I have put together a few tips and tricks I used to make Chloe’s day special without spending a fortune!

The Venue

With Chloe’s birthday being on New Year’s Eve it’s very hard to find somewhere that will host a kids party. We have in the past moved the date of the party and hired out a hall or function room, but this year being in our new home, we had the room to do the party here. It also saved us at least £50-£80 not paying for somewhere else.

Party Bags & Supplies 

Chloe's 9th Birthday & Party Bags & Supplies Review

Chloe is a tad obsessed with My Little Pony, as I was hunting around online I came across a fantastic website who offer all kinds of character themed party bits! These include Star Wars, LEGO, Paw Patrol , Minions and many many more! Delivery was super quick and In our My Little Pony Pack we got 8 party bags already filled with My Little Pony toys, stickers and a notepad and pencil. We also got a tablecloth, napkins, plates and cups all My Little Pony themed. Chloe was over the moon with how everything had her favorite characters on. I highly recommend checking out this website and all the different party supplies they offer!

The Food

Chloe's 9th Birthday & Party Bags & Supplies Review

Again, with Chloe’s birthday being right after Christmas we still had quite a lot of food left over to use for her party. We did however grab some bargains from Asda in the yellow sticker section, including 4 mini pizzas for 30p each, a big pack of mini sausages for £1.50 and some popcorn chicken bites for just 63p! I highly recommend checking out the bargain section of supermarkets for party foods and a lot of it you can freeze so it’s well worth stocking up in advance. In total I spend just over £10 for all the party food!

We give a …


The Cake

Chloe's 9th Birthday & Party Bags & Supplies Review

Before I started blogging I used to make cakes for family and friends and taught myself how to decorate them with free YouTube tutorial videos. Most cakes look difficult but are actually so easy to make! Most of the time it’s also cheaper to make your own! Here is what I paid for Chloe’s cake:

Self raising flour 45p

Unsalted butter 55p

Eggs 87p

(you can get 70p eggs but for the extra 17p I prefer to use free range.)

Sugar 74p

Roll out Icing £1.40

The My Little Ponies were a Christmas present and the perfect size to go on her cake!

The total cost of her cake was only: £4.01 !!!

Party Games

Chloe's 9th Birthday & Party Bags & Supplies Review

We stuck to quite traditional games. Pass the parcel, musical bumps & musical statues. We bought a few packs of sweets reduced in Asda for less than £1 each. For more party game ideas check out last years birthday on a budget post HERE .

Let us know in the comments what you do for your kids birthday’s and what money-saving tips you have 🙂



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