Celebrate Stationery Week with The Works!

Celebrate Stationery Week with The Works

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National Stationery Week is upon us. Monday 24th April marks the start of a whole week to celebrate stationery. A time to focus on being more creative and appreciating the written word. So, whether it be literature, drawing, designing, keeping in touch with an old pen pal or even just jotting down a list. We can all agree that stationery is an unsung hero of our everyday life, and it is no surprise that so many of us have a secret hoard.

On that note, The Works have a fantastic range of stationery! You can save your pennies without scrimping on quality and style. There really is no better way to celebrate stationery week than grabbing yourself a bargain or two!

Notebooks… ✎

The Works have a fantastic range of quality notebooks to suit almost every budget. From ring bound to case bound in an assortment of designs and colour, you will be spoilt for choice. Some have adorable, witty designs whilst some adopt a more classic, professional look. So, whatever your plans, drawing masterpiece? Keeping a Journal? You can be sure you will find a quality, affordable product at The Works.



Storage… ✎

If you are one of the many people out there who is constantly trying to get organised but never gets around to doing so, these storage boxes will be right up your street. Not only are they amazing value for money but they make organising fun. The designs are sweet, and there are so many options to choose from. They come in a variety of sizes too! They are fantastic to store stationery of course, but they are also perfect for make-up or beauty products, craft items, toys, nail polish, or pretty much anything your heart desires.


Erasers… ✎

These erasers almost make you want to make a mistake just so you have an excuse to use them. The novelty never wears off. They come in a funky case and are full of fun but functional too. They would be at home in your child’s pencil case, or perhaps you are looking to brighten up your desk. Keep an eye out though, they do have a tendency to end up on other people’s desks! Rather mysteriously!


Post-It Notes… ✎

Post it books are one of the most practical pieces of stationery which are so flexible to all of your life’s needs. They are perfect for students and busy parents, and at home and in the workplace alike. These post it notes are in a set and come with their own case. So they are perfect for the handbag too.



A fundamental corner stone of all stationery. Pens! At The Works, there are pens galore! Giant ones, small ones, red ones, black ones, fancy ones, practical ones, you name it!



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