Bargains From Boston Duvet & Pillow Co

Bargains From Boston Duvet & Pillow Co

Bargains From Boston Duvet & Pillow Co

We all love to save money wherever we can and today I came across a fantastic website. You can buy Duvets in all ranges of togs and sizes. Pillows stuffed with different fillings, and mattress covers that add layers of comfort. You won’t find bedding this cheap anywhere else!

Boston Duvet & Pillow Co.are a new filled bedding brand from Boston in the heart of Lincolnshire with nearly 150 years experience in manufacturing quality duvets and pillows. They have strict QA guidelines to ensure every item is of the highest quality. Sometimes when something goes slightly awry – maybe a skipped seam here, a missed label there – it is labelled as a second. Don’t worry, all of their bedding is still lovely, clean and comfortable!

At Coupon Mama we hate waste…

and to throw something away just because of a skipped seam or a missing label is madness! We love Boston Duvet & Pillow Co’s idea of selling their slightly less than perfect products off cheap! We all love a good bargain, especially when times are hard and we have families to look after.

The Outlet sells products that don’t quite meet the strict quality assurance guidelines – they are NOT faulty products. Occasionally in the manufacturing process, the machines make any number of slight cosmetic errors. This can be from a missed stitch to a label not being sewn on correctly. However, the Boston Outlet products are still made from the same high-quality materials as their respective retail versions.

They are still fantastic products…

but instead of throwing them out because of a tiny cosmetic error, Boston Duvet & Pillow Co decided to sell them in their outlet for a fraction of the price! My favorite item has to be the Child’s Cot Bed Waterproof Mattress Protector. I have been potty training my son for a few months now and he’s completely dry during the day but still struggles to hold it in over night. For just £5 this mattress protector is a bargain, Who cares if there is a tiny stitch out of place? The mattress protector will be under a sheet so you can’t even see it anyway and for £5, you can’t go wrong!

You can even get a duck feather and down 10.5 tog duvet for ONLY £13.50 or a temperature control cot pillow for just £3 !! I highly recommend grabbing an amazing deal from the Boston Outlet and be sure to bookmark the page so you can keep checking back for more fabulous bargains!

As the seasons change and the nights get warmer, pick up a 4.5 tog hollow fibre duvet from as little as £3!

You can find all this and more CLICK HERE

Bargains From Boston Duvet & Pillow Co

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