10 Things Asda Won’t Tell You

10 Things Asda Won’t Tell You.

No one want’s to be fobbed off by these big supermarkets, but there are so many things they won’t tell you. I mostly shop in Asda although recently Morrisons seem to be a lot cheaper! However I have more knowledge of Asda’s policies and sneaky tricks. If you know something else we can add to this list then please contact me as it can help others.


This post was written with the help of an Asda employee with 8+ years experience. Some of these tips can be down to the individual store but always worth an ask! I have included links to the proof of these policies. 

10 Things Asda Won't Tell You

Out Of Date Products

If you find an out of date product you’re entitled to £10 store credit per product if you have bought the item/s. Asda can actually be fined by trading standards for selling out of date food so they are much more likely to keep you quiet with a gift card!

10 Things Asda Won't Tell You

Have Asda Overcharged you?

If Asda over charge you for something they have to refund the difference plus give you a £2 gift card per item.


10 Things Asda Won't Tell You

Asda Product Refunds

If you buy an Asda brand product and you are not 100% happy with it they will refund the cost of the item if you take the packaging back even if you just say you didn’t like it! Please note it has to be a try me love me product.

10 Things Asda Won't Tell You

Smiley Vouchers


Thank you Zoe for sharing the pic!

If you’ve ever been disappointed to find a special offer has sold out or there’s only one item left on the shelf so you can’t fulfil the Buy One Get One Free offer then Asda has a little known secret to keep you smiling…

ASDA Smileys.

They call them ‘Smileys’. They’re vouchers that members of staff on the shop floor carry around, and give you when the shopping deal you saw is not in stock, or when you need an item that’s out of stock but have to opt for a more expensive version. For example they run out of smart price baked beans and you have to get heinz you will only pay the same as the smart price ones!

 10 Things Asda Won't Tell You

Price Guarantee 

It always pays to pick up other people’s receipts outside Asda! Why? I know it might sound strange but hear me out… Asda do a price guarantee if they are not the cheapest compared to other leading supermarkets then they will refund you the difference. All you need to do is head over to their website, type in the number at the bottom of the receipt and if they’re not 10% cheaper than the others you will get the difference in the form of a coupon.

I made £15 in one day from my own receipts, family and friends that gave me theirs and ones I picked up outside Asda. The most I got was £4.95 on one receipt I found in Asda car park. You wouldn’t walk past a £5 note on the floor so don’t walk past these possible money makers.They all add up and save you money off your next shop!

10 Things Asda Won't Tell You

Asda Won’t Accept Your Coupons?

Most couponers will at some point have to go through the embarrassment of having their coupons refused. Asda’s coupon policy is to accept ALL coupons including internet (printed) coupons. You can print the policy here and I highly recommend you taking it with you. If you get some moody manager who still refuses your coupons even after showing the printed policy, then the next step is to go home and phone Asda head office.

When you speak to them on the phone, make sure you express ( politely) how upset and disappointed you are with the customer service that was shown towards you, and the embarrassment you felt. I have had this happen to me a few times in my local Asda and they have always offered me a £10 gift card as a gesture of goodwill. They don’t have to give it to you but 9 times out of 10 they will do just to keep you as a happy customer.

10 Things Asda Won't Tell You

False Advertising

Asda may have committed a criminal offence if they give false or misleading information about a price. For example:

  • A sign that advertises reduced items with the words ‘Offer ends today’ but the offer is still on the next day

If you have a query about a price you’ve been given and you think you may have been misled you can take action under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

10 Things Asda Won't Tell You

As Described

This one applies to ALL stores every item should be as described. For example you buy a white kettle, then when you get it home its pink! Or if you buy a pack of 10 bananas but find there are only 9 you are entitled to a full refund.

10 Things Asda Won't Tell You

Ordering Online

If you add a product to your trolley and they find it’s out of stock, they will always try to find you something similar. For example, if you ask for a small packet of ASDA Digestive biscuits and they have run out, they might give you a larger packet instead or a different brand.

I once ordered a smart price whole chicken, but because they had run out I ended up with an extra-large expensive one instead for the price of the cheaper one. Don’t worry, you’ll always only pay for the lowest priced product. If you don’t want to accept the product they send you, just hand it back to your driver and they will arrange for your account to be refunded.

10 Things Asda Won't Tell You

Get Friendly With Discount Staff

I usually find it’s the same people marking down the prices at the end of the day and we always have a giggle about my frugalness and my eagle eye for a bargain. Quite a few times these members of staff have reduced an item for me then given me a smiley voucher so I could get the item for free!

At the end of the working day Asda and other supermarkets will throw away so much food it’s unreal! So always shop just before closing time and get friendly with the staff and you might just grab some freebies!!


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10 Things Asda Won't Tell You

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  • jan says:

    Why can’t we do the price guarentee with asda on online shopping????

    • alison says:

      You can i do it,scroll to the bottom of your asda home page and click price guarentee …as far as i can work out though you cannot add your receipt from instore to online

  • I do the asda price guarantee and it now only let’s you use 10 receipts a month

    • pam says:

      If you switch to your partners email address and you use a different address you can continue on using up to their 10 a month, and then use them all in one go on your next shop. Thats how people can get a massive amount off a single shop

  • Julie says:

    My Hubby has been told by our local Asda that he cannot use ANY APG…because he has been picking up other peoples discarded receipts. I called HO and they said it was up to the stores discreation!!! even though only 4 days before I called them and they said it was ok to use APG that’s been left behind by someone else!!

  • kristen says:

    Just a word of warning about the use of other ppls receipts it is classed as fraud as the money was not yours in the first place to claim and altho you probably will get away with it there is still a chance you can get a criminal record

  • Kayleigh Parker says:

    Loads of times ive gone to asda for their own nappies and they havent had them and when ive got them to check in the back store and still no luck never have they offered me a “smiley” or offered a dearer product. What should I do next time ask for 1 ? Would they hand me one ? Id feel a total idiot if they said no dont know what your talking about ! As it happens to me about every 5 months that they run out and dont have a delivery due for a day or 2 and I cant afford to buy the dearer ones really .

    • yummymummy says:

      All asda employees know what smiley’s are. though most very rarely use them even though the store sets a budget for their use (however, colleagues are limited to how much they can give out on them each day). theres no harm in asking for one if you have to buy a more expensive item due to the item u require being out of stock

      • CJ says:

        I used to work for ASDA and in our store at least I never saw the smiley voucher. I once asked about them but was told we don’t use them… Might have changed now but it seems our store manager was not allowing their use.

      • Mel says:

        As an ASDA colleague I can inform you yes most stores do have the smiley vouchers, and yes each colleague is limited to how many we can give out, £1 worth a week. Only the managers are allowed to give out more. And on certain times of the year we aren’t allowed to usually use any (not sure why!).

    • staff says:

      The smileys are for a maximum of 50p each, they wouldn’t be used for nappies. They are also at the discretion of the colleague. If you are polite and kind you’re more likely to get one. Most colleagues are stressed and vastly underpaid and will only help out if you don’t make their day worse by making at them!

  • john says:

    Asda remove the gills from all whole fish on their fish counters so as to make it harder to tell how fresh they are,don’t know if other supermarkets do the same.

  • Dave Sibley says:

    Picking up receipts off the floor outside!!
    Have you no shame.
    I’m sure if you rummage through peoples bins you will find some food, saving you the effort of acting like a stray outside Asda.

    • Kez says:

      No shame in free money I have made £50 in less than 10 minutes from APGS no shame in that!

    • Kez says:

      And I don’t do it because I’m poor I do it to save the money I have for other things!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Dave,
      I have just found this forum and your comment as well. Whilst it may seem shameful to pick up discarded receipts at Asdas, can I tell you that last year I picked up the whopping amount of £1299.17 for the year, off the floor at Asdas. This is not an amount that can be trifled with, my daughter is a supporting her 2 children by working and paying her way, the APG vouchers go a long way to help her with her weekly shopping and ours, of course (we are pensioners). Obviously, there are some days when there are no receipts but other days when there are loads. For frugal people I would highly recommend it, also it keeps the back supple with all that bending. Joking aside, it is a brilliant idea and long may Asda’s continue to promote it.

      • Caroline Harris says:

        Don’t tell everybody all they will all be doing it:-) We often see people cllecting them out of the headges whereas at one time we would be the only people doing it, now there are 4 or 5 regulars and we have had to change out collecting times.

  • nicola says:

    Hi all, I bought a bottle of Asda own brand champagne for £25 it was extra special with the try me love me printed on the rear label, I tried it and didn’t love it so contacted the 0800 number I was advised to take it back where upon I would receive a full refund and a replacement bottle or a double refund whichever I preferred, to assure me that there would be no hassle they also gave me a reference number, I went to the Asda customer services and was treated like a common scumbag thief I gave the young girl all the details of my telephony conversation with Asda 0800 and explained what I had been advised to do, I also gave her the reference number she still point blank refused to assist me telling me I had used the BMLM offer sometime last year and that she remembered me apparently according to her you can only use this offer once (I think she felt I was taking advantage of her delusional feelings that she somehow owned part of Asda and I was stealing from her) after a three an a quarter hour conversation with various people on and off the phone including the manager at this particular store I had a much more intelligent conversation with a slab of concrete, just a little joke,I felt I had wasted enough time getting nowhere, my next step is to inform them of there legal obligation to supply me with either a double refund or a refund and replacement as stated on the bottle the reason they will have to reimburse me is as follows I bought the champagne on the strength of the buy me love me offer, its quite simple they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, I will let you all know how the proceedings go if and when I take them to court….

    if anybody else has had to deal with a similar situation like mine could you please post some comments or add comments to my post as I have a background in the legal system including consumer rights (I think they picked the wrong person to play with) lets see what happens….

    • nicola says:

      OOOOOPS JUST a little typo the “BMLM” in my post should be TMLM, try not buy sorry…..

      • Julie says:

        I did take a pack of pears back once and all she did was give me the money back… obviously she never mentioned or give me a replacement pack… Like u say … its as if its coming out of their own wages… Same with using APGs,!!!

  • nicola says:

    If it states on the packaging ‘try me love me’ then there policy is to give you a refund and the same item back or a double refund…..

  • dina says:

    asda also do something like a food bank ask the store manager

  • Emma says:

    Great tips but I’m not sure about the price promise bit. From t&c:

    “We may withhold or refuse payment and/or withdraw or suspend the Asda Price Guarantee (or any part of it) at any time without notice where we suspect fraud or abuse, or where vouchers have been incorrectly calculated. The Asda Price Guarantee is limited to one claim per comparison.”

    I would think this would count as abuse of the scheme! would like to clarify with asda.

    and see:

    “Each household can only claim a maximum of 10 vouchers per calendar month, or a maximum value of £100 in vouchers per calendar month. If a voucher takes the amount you have received in a calendar month to more than £100, you will only receive an amount which takes you to £100.”

    Although i guess that would be some scavenging to take you over that!

  • Wow! Danish grocery stores could learn a thing or two from ASDA. I was trying to buy creme cheese yesterday and all but two of the ones on the shelf had expired on July 16th! Pretty much all fruit and veg are pre-packaged here and I nearly always have to throw out one or two pieces as soon as I bring them home from the store.

    I’m moving to England in two years and it cannot come soon enough!

  • AndyB says:

    re ‘Reduced’ stickers – What really annoys me is when for example they have a damaged six pack of beer and one’s missing so they mark it as “reduced” but the price you pay is 5/6ths of the original – so you’re paying full price for the five remaining.

    Tried to explain to the person with the scanner/labeller that it’s not a real price reduction and that they shouldn’t claim it as such but they said they don’t have control over the mark downs. Is this true? or are they just pulling a fast one?

  • mike says:

    l’ve bought quite a few over-priced items in ASDA but only been given a £2 voucher twice. So, it seems the staff are are breaking the rules when they don’t give me a voucher.
    Just to get this straight, ASDA staffe have to give me a £2 voucher everytime l buy an overpriced item [does this apply if l don’t buy it?].

    Also, with APG’s, lt says on the website there have to be 8 items or more on the receipt – is this correct?

    BTW Great information. Thanks.

  • Nancy Purves says:

    You can only print 10 asda price guarantee vouchers in 1 month.

  • Susan says:

    I had a voucher refused on Saturday as the cashier wasn’t able to scan the bar code (we were very low on ink)
    She said all bar-codes had to be scanned and no one was allowed to manually input any codes

  • julie says:

    just rubbish.. they can input if they want manually..

    • lisa says:

      thats right they have to put it as a manufactures coupon as they say in there terms and conditions that they will accept any coupon.

      I also allow them to leep the reciepts that way i cant be accused of fraud by reprinting them.

  • lisa says:

    look at no 9 of the terms and conditions. you can use as many apgs as you want in one transaction. there is nothing saying you cant have friends and family to give you permissio n to have many more

    • julie says:

      Well it does say that… but…it depends who serves u… get a trout and u wont be able to use one… mention anything about family and friends and your banned!!!
      Complained to CEO and he says its up to the store… so the stores are correct when they say that HO are rubbish and dont know a thing!!

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